Cherokee National Holiday


About the Artwork

The 67th Cherokee National Holiday theme is “Rising Together.” The theme is colorfully represented in this year’s official Cherokee National Holiday T-shirt design by Cherokee National Treasure Dan Mink. “Rising Together” signifies each Cherokee’s role in the continued progress of building a bright future. At the center of the design is the seal of the Cherokee Nation with a dark line leading to the seal from the right, symbolizing our Cherokee ancestors’ path from the east to present-day Cherokee Nation on the Trail of Tears. The 49 lines radiating from the seal symbolizes the number seven and the tribe’s custom of considering the impact of a decision on the next seven generations. The seven alternating red, yellow, black and white color bands represent the traditional Cherokee colors and the seven clans of the Cherokee people. The 14 southeast symbols circling the color rings represent the 14 counties of the current jurisdiction of the Cherokee Nation with the eight rings on the outer edge of the design representing Principal Chief Bill John Baker and Deputy Chief S. Joe Crittenden's eight years in office.